Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mitt drops out

So surprised to read and hear all my pundits raving about John McCain - now that Mitt is out.  This a.m. Larry Kudlow exclaiming that "John McCain will be out next President!"  WOW! Getting me excited over someone that two minutes ago I was extremely wary about. NOT that I would have EVER voted for Her THighness I guess I am more optimistic over McCain. I absolutely adore Kudlow and trust his opinion.   And what is this absolute nonsense about referring to the Clintons as "pimping" Chelsea.  Frankly, if the Clintons were not such slime/scum, no one would ever use a word like that about their progeny.  Imagine someone referring to the Bush Twins and using that word.  Despite the fact that that "pimp", "pimped" or "pimping" are now in the vernacular, it still has a bad connotation.  More later, folks.